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blog ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk berbagi informasi IT kepada temn-teman.

Di harapkan blog ini berguna dan di harapkan pula teman-teman membantu mengembangkan blog ini agar lebih baik..

  • Menambah speed browser Firefox
  • Instalasi Windows dari USB Flash Disk
  • Mengenal Windows Registry
  • <:Tips &amp; Tricks IM2 Broadband 3.5G:>
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    • Small Texas ISP Says Comcast Drove It Out of Business -
      A small Texas ISP has filed a lawsuit against Comcast, alleging that the cable giant destroyed the company's lines after it refused to be acquired by the company. The lawsuit, filed last week in a Harris County, Texas court (hat tip: Consumerist), states that Comcast approached the owner of Telecom Cable LLC in 2013, offering to acquire the company […]
    • Report: Charter Trying to Buy Cox Communications -
      We now may have an explanation as to why Charter rejected a $100 billion acquisition offer by Verizon: it has other plans. The New York Post cites anonymous sources at the companies who state Charter is making another push to acquire privately-owned Cox Communications. The paper indicates that Charter CEO Tom Rutledge, the highest paid CEO in the nation last […]
    • Thursday Morning Links -
      Surprise! Verizon has already killed its secret unlimited hotspot deal due to it becoming too popular Inflight internet ready to take off 10Mbps universal speeds? We'll give you 30Mbps: UK Labour Party has pledged a 30Mbps universal broadband speed by 2022 Nearly 25% of city-dwelling Americans aren t connecte […]
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