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blog ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk berbagi informasi IT kepada temn-teman.

Di harapkan blog ini berguna dan di harapkan pula teman-teman membantu mengembangkan blog ini agar lebih baik..

  • Menambah speed browser Firefox
  • Instalasi Windows dari USB Flash Disk
  • Mengenal Windows Registry
  • <:Tips &amp; Tricks IM2 Broadband 3.5G:>
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    • AT&T Confident in Merger Chances After Speaking With Trump -
      On the campaign trail, President-elect Donald Trump not only promised to block AT&T's proposed $100 billion acquisition of Time Warner, but that he would try to find a way to break up the already merged Comcast NBC Universal. There's now dwindling evidence that either of those things will actually be happening. Anonymous sources tell the Financ […]
    • Forum Topic: Canada's Attempt to Force A La Carte TV -
      Users in our Canadian broadband forum discuss Canada's attempt to force cable providers to provide cheaper, more flexible cable bundles -- and how those providers are tap dancing around the obligations.
    • FCC Report Highlights Huge Disparity in Cable, DSL Speeds -
      An annual FCC study indicates that overall broadband speeds continue to rise and that most broadband providers deliver the speeds they advertise, even though DSL providers continue to dramatically lag behind their cable counterparts. The full study (pdf) notes that the median broadband speed of all ISPs measured by the FCC has almost quadrupled, from approxi […]
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