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blog ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk berbagi informasi IT kepada temn-teman.

Di harapkan blog ini berguna dan di harapkan pula teman-teman membantu mengembangkan blog ini agar lebih baik..

  • Menambah speed browser Firefox
  • Instalasi Windows dari USB Flash Disk
  • Mengenal Windows Registry
  • <:Tips &amp; Tricks IM2 Broadband 3.5G:>
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    • Net Neutrality Activists 'Rick Roll' FCC Meeting -
      The FCC has had a busy week, voting to not only gut regulations protecting business broadband customers from being overcharged by BDS monopolies like AT&T and Verizon, but eliminating rules that will make it easier for giant broadcasters to merge and consolidate. With FCC boss Ajit pai expected to also kill net neutrality sometime in the next few weeks, […]
    • Forum Topic: Canada Protects Net Neutrality -
      Users in our Canadian broadband forum discuss this week's decision by the CRTC to uphold net neutrality and tightly police the anti-competitive impact of zero rating (letting an ISP or paid partners content be cap exempt, while still penalizing smaller competitors).
    • Canada Protects Net Neutrality As U.S. Prepares to Dismantle It -
      While the United States is poised to gut its own net neutrality rules sometime in the next month, Canadian regulators just doubled down on protecting it -- and have now created some of the toughest net neutrality rules in the world. Canadian regulators had already passed functional net neutrality rules that prohibited blocking and other blatantly anti-compet […]
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