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blog ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk berbagi informasi IT kepada temn-teman.

Di harapkan blog ini berguna dan di harapkan pula teman-teman membantu mengembangkan blog ini agar lebih baik..

  • Menambah speed browser Firefox
  • Instalasi Windows dari USB Flash Disk
  • Mengenal Windows Registry
  • <:Tips &amp; Tricks IM2 Broadband 3.5G:>
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    • Cable ISPs Refuse to Put Dedication to Net Neutrality in Writing -
      Right before the FCC voted last week to try and begin gutting net neutrality, the cable industry's top lobbying organization, the NCTA, took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post proclaiming that while the cable industry may have spent millions to kill the popular consumer protections, America's cable providers still really adore the idea of an […]
    • Comcast Soft Launches 4K DVR in Some Markets -
      After numerous delays, Comcast appears to have quietly "soft launched" its 4K-capable DVR in a handful of markets. Mari Silbey at Light Reading noticed that the XG4 DVR -- also know as the XG1v4 -- has shown up on a Comcast X1 support page and is now available in a limited number of Comcast markets. The Comcast support docs indicate the XG4 feature […]
    • Monday Morning Links -
      House Broadband Privacy Bill Would Lump Edge Providers in with ISPs Top Cable MSOs Add 1M Broadband Subs in Q1, Telcos Lose 45K With its wireless broadband, Webpass is cord cutters' gateway to the Internet A Trump FCC advisor s proposal for bringing free Internet to poor people G […]
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