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blog ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk berbagi informasi IT kepada temn-teman.

Di harapkan blog ini berguna dan di harapkan pula teman-teman membantu mengembangkan blog ini agar lebih baik..

  • Menambah speed browser Firefox
  • Instalasi Windows dari USB Flash Disk
  • Mengenal Windows Registry
  • <:Tips &amp; Tricks IM2 Broadband 3.5G:>
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    • The FCC's New Broadband Availability Map is a Misleading Joke -
      In February of 2011 the government released our first ever broadband map (available here) after spending roughly $300 million on the project. Our readers by and large were unimpressed at the time, noting the map didn't list prices, and often reported non-existent competitors and unavailable speeds in many markets. Many of these shortcomings are due to c […]
    • Thursday Morning Links -
      Surprise! U.S. Mobile Internet Speeds Lag Behind Most Of The World Dish's Sling TV tops internet TV providers with 2.21M subscribers First Intercontinental 5G Trial Begins at Winter Olympics SpaceX satellite broadband test launch delayed at least 1 day due to strong high altitude winds Liberty Global Holds […]
    • Fairpoint Brand Killed, New Owner Focuses on Better Broadband -
      Fairpoint Communications owner Consolidated Communications says the company is killing off the Fairpoint brand and launching new efforts to shore up the ISP's lagging broadband offerings. Fairpoint has had a long, winding road--having acquired Verizon's unwanted New England broadband footprint (2007)--then filing for bankruptcy (2009) after it stru […]
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